The salty wet kiss. A few seconds transcending the eternity

Vintage Picks and a Very Romantic Perspective

caro loff

People in Transit

plastic flowers

Pensamentos recentes aleatorios - Português

carolina loff

bLA BLA BLA em portugues

carolina loff

Bloody Heaven can't wait


Studio Karma, sarcastically poetic and of course, the story about G

Groovy Music Daily Spotify


Estilo - na sua real forma

carolina loff

Boogie Morning + Fragmento do livro "A Virgem por Ética"

Ease our minds, together + Loff Weekly #2 playlist

Hello Stranger - Loff Weekly First Playlist on Spotify

In The Valley of Love..I Won't Rest

Why beautiful mean f* nothing.............

carolina loff

The Dancing Room Under the Tree with a Little Blue Door - Not my favorite but good for a drink

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