Vintage Picks and a Very Romantic Perspective


(The lyric is the Baudelaire Poem "Le Serpent qui danse" poem from his classic book "Fleurs du mal")

Well, I always share some photos and music with you guys since 2007, but I never talk properly about it. My favorite hobby is to do some researches in the Vintage World, obviously this help a lot my job in all forms.
So tonight, sunday night, I'm listening to Gainsbourg and 70's porn movies soundtrack picking some cool vintage outfits for our week. 
Here my favorites w/ a short story below the images:

1994 Renalto Balestra Metallic Blue Halter Gown with Shawl

So, obviously the sunday mood are doing something with my brain, as usual. I'm just thinking if I was fucking obscene rich I would throw away my sweatpants and wear something which match properly my personality. So, I opened my browser and the first piece who I fall this night: A 94 Balestra Gown in a very annoying Blue; You know, love is not always 100% fun and beauty so, let's not complain about the color.

1980s Chanel Striped Cotton Pajamas

PJ'S?? Really? Probably if we organize this look with a hat and clean flip flops people around will say we are  some excentric person from British Royalty. I'm just so down for this look.

1960s Pierre Cardin Ivory and Green Silk Print Ostritch Feather Trim Dress

I definitely have a feeling about this dress. Not my scene to be honest but I had a vision wearing this on a side of some piano who i never played, so that's something. I LOVE Cardin and all about him, so when I notice me "not exactly liking" something he designed, I create a story and organize my thoughts. In the end of a sentence, like here, I'm falling in love for the piece.
Very Sunday also, brunch hour. Merveilleux!! 

1980s Gianni Versace Velvet "Medusa" Mules

The Mules comeback sound very familiar to me, literally. My mom used to wear a lot when i was 6,7. She was pretty cool. I have no idea why I have none of them! I will definitely put my shit together and get one. Keep Watchin'

1960s Bill Tice for Malcolm Starr Navy Blue Silk Sequin Beaded Gown

My coffee just get cold and I'm hungry but this Bill Tice Dress is more important at moment. I think about this piece not as a Gown, but with flat boots, unkle ones maybe with a messy hair but good skin smoking a cigarette. Very casual. Am I wrong? Maybe is this french music I'm listening to. Romantic visions

Emilio Pucci Mini-Dress - 1980s

The type of dress which should be the new "little black dress" - BASIC! MUST HAVE! Really, can we fight against this? Never. A classic Pucci. Brilliant. Let me get my 60s fake long lashes and dance barefoot on my orange carpet wearing this baby

1980s Burgundy 100% Scottish Cashmere Chanel Sweater

Ok, I'm more civilized now about what people should wear on sundays... Not for to long. Classic cut and a very winter color I'm so in! Probably with a cup of fresh tea or coffee wearing this sweater, in a rainy day, watching some classics, you feel complete.
Very, very charming

Emilio Pucci Cotton Velvet High Waisted Hot Pants With Fringe Trim, Circa 1970's

So, we are in the Frech Riviera, after Cannes week. You get so bored at time then go for a walk by yourself after a party hard weekend. Stop for a coffee, read a paper and a tanned tall french guy ask you for a lighter. When you accept his invitation to a vespa ride around, you probably will be wearing this shorts.
So, ok, we don't need more details.A super fun piece. Designed for adventures and long legs individuals.

80's Thierry Mugler 2 piece outfit

Well.. You still with the french homme who you met in the coffee place. If you already watched to "Bonjour Tristesse" the scene who involve you guys are definitely a warm night by the sea, in the backyard of your villa. After a night-swim and a perfect sleep on his arms, you choose this look for the outside brunch with no makeup on. Who need make up on when you are extremely happy and in love?

1960s Missoni Dress and Coat Ensemble

So cute. And I'm not even into "cute" outfits. My coffee still cold but, I can't go without finish and share this very special Vintage Picks. 
This Missoni dress + coat are just amazing. How fucking cool is to go for a quick shop wearing this beauty? I just realize i love gown and sparkling pieces with a messy hair + wrong shoes on. All for your state of spirit, not to look like classy or fashion. So, my forever mood even I'm not into blue at all. We definitely can't recuse this beauty.

Romeo Gigli Velveteen Swagger Coat, Circa 1980's

Deadly. Swagger Coat is the perfect name btw; I just saw me wearing this piece everyday until someone from my family hide from me, because it's just too much. So, this said, I'm going to prepare a fresh 01:30 AM coffee.

(You can check deeply my fashion, art, design, architecture picks on my pinterest. Also, my brain have a instagram account where have daily inspiration in all this sectors, you should follow)


PS: All Image Rights on the collages are from 1stdibs website and the text and collages restrictly from this website.

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